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9th January 2024

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6th December 2022

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25th March 2022

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8th October 2021

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23rd March 2020

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10th January 2020

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4th December 2018

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10th December 2017

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16th December 2016

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14th January 2016

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4th October 2015

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11th February 2015

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Event Dates

22nd November 2011

Added info and links about the following:
  • 2010 Events deleted
25th August 2010

Added info and links about the following:
  • Cannings Court, Dorchester, Dorset, 10th September 2010
  • Pentreffest, near Cardiff, 15th-17th October
  • Le Grand Bal de Bath 2010, Ralph Allen School, Bath, 23rd-24th October
25th May 2010

Added info and links about the following:
  • Kinnersley Spring Festival, Herefordshire, 28th May-2nd June 2010
  • Bagpipe Society Blowout, Tamworth, Staffs, 28th-31st May 2010
  • Dansez Francais, Brighton, 29th May 2010
  • SYM at Swaledale Festival, 7th June 2010
  • Turn Of The Wheel Music Day, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 26th June 2010
  • Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, 27th June 2010
  • Bastille Bal, Bals à samedi, Patcham, Brighton, 10th July 2010
  • La Mère Folle at BuryBal, 25th September 2010
  • Les Panards Festival, Otley, near Leeds, 8th-10th October 2010
  • DanseHerts 4th Anniversary with Angles, Kerry Fletcher, 10th October 2010
31st March 2010

Added info and link about Turn Of The Wheel Music Day, 26th June

22nd January 2010

Added info and links about the following:
  • Bal (+ 1 hr workshop) with "Expire", Stamford, Lincs, 8th January 2010
  • BuryBal with "Katskoo" (Belgium) supported by BOF!, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 16th January 2010
  • Eurobash (Workshops and Evening Bal), Hollingbourne Village Hall, Kent, 16th/17th January 2010
  • Dansez-Français? Bals à samedi, Patcham, Brighton, 30th January 2010
  • Workshop and Bal with Angles & Kerry Fletcher, Horsley Village Hall, Gloucestershire, 23rd January 2010
  • An 'educational self-development' long weekend, Kinnersley Castle, Herefordshire, 11th-15th February 2010
  • Singing-for-dancing weekend (Breton and others) hosted by Jig-Jaw, Youlgreave, Derbyshire, 19th-22nd February 2010
  • Leiston Abbey Festival CANCELLATION, April 2010
  • Blowzabella Daym Thoresby Park, Notts, 15th-17th April 2010
  • 4th Annual UK Hurdy-Gurdy Festival, Youlgrave, Derbyshire, 6th-9th May 2010
7th January 2010

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25th September 2009

Added info and link about Blowzabella, September/October 13th August 2009

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Added info and links about the following:
  • Les Panards Dansant Festival, Otley, W.Yorks, 2nd-4th October 2009
  • La Grand Bal de Bath, 31st October-1st November 2009
30th June 2008

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Music & Songs

13th August 2009

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9th May 2008

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3rd April 2008

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22nd November 2011

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7th January 2010

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22nd September 2009

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9th April 2008

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General Notices

22nd November 2011

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20th February 2008

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  • Le Vent du Nord (from Quebec) New CD "Dans les Airs"
Music & Songs

22nd September 2009

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30th April 2015

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22nd November 2011

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9th September 2010

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25th May 2010

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3rd March 2010

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Added links to sessions in:
  • Sheffield (EuroSession)
  • Brighton (Les Bons Compagnons)
Added links to teachers:
  • Yannick Minvielle-Debat
  • Gwenaelle Ambuhl
Added links to festivals:
  • Anost
  • Rencontres de Luthiers et Maitre Sonneurs
22nd January 2010

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Details of session at Horsley Village Hall, Gloucestershire altered.

7th January 2010

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25th September 2009

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Added links to:
  • Eddie Jay
  • Verlan!
22nd September 2009

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"French Cultural Society" re-named "Amitié Française"

13th August 2009

Added links to:
  • Hors d'Oevure
  • Les Panards Dansant Festival
  • Le Grand Bal de Bath
  • St.Chartier Festival
  • Dave Mallinson Music
  • French Cultural Society
30th June 2008

Added links to:
  • Sprezzatura

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